17 days left – had a good call with Amex Members Project Team today

Great news!  Help Women and Children Survivors of War Rebuild is ranked #5 today. 

We’ve gotten a new flyer up on our web site:  www.womenforwomen.org – it’s a great way to put something into people’s hands to tell them how to vote.  Consider distributing a flyer in your book club, church, gym or maybe your yoga studio!

I got the greatest email yesterday from a good friend of Women for Women.  She wrote to me that she had emailed 438 friends and contacts she had with the link to our project – www.womenforwomen.org/membersproject – that’s amazing and I get chills thinking how many of her friends will pass this on too.  

We also had a good call with the Amex Members Project team today – they have great tips for how to promote our projects but I’m most impressed with how much American Express is investing in the Members Project and the top 25 projects.  They are really committed to the success of our efforts, really aware of the importance and impact all of our work can have and committed to giving their cardmembers a voice in how their corporate philanthropy is spent.  That’s a pretty progressive corporation if you ask me.

Thanks for passing on the message today!

Trish at Women for Women International


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